Why Cuba?

Why Cuba?

Cuba has something for everyone, whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple on your Honeymoon, a family on a budget, or a luxury traveler.


As the capital of Cuba and the central transport hub, Havana will be the place where virtually all visitors will spend at least some time exploring. This sophisticated, retro and cosmopolitan city is known for its spectacular nightlife, but days offer just as much excitement. Start in La Habana Vieja, or the Old Town, where crumbling colonial buildings and vibrant mid-century structures stand side by side. Don’t leave Havana without watching cigars being rolled by hand in a small factory or tasting some local rum fresh from the distillery. Mingle with the locals along Malecón, the seawall along the coast offers sea views and plenty of fun.


While Cuba has several national parks, none is as beautiful and accessible as the one located in the Viñales Valley. Viñales is known as a stunning destination, and history tells that it was Castro’s favorite place on the island. The valley is surrounded by mountains, tobacco still grows to manufacture iconic Cuban cigars and countless caves add an extra ounce of adventure for the intrepid traveler. One of the most popular caves is the Cuevas del Indio, or Indian Caves, where you can actually take a boat ride completely within the cavern system itself.


Just a short drive from Havana is Varadero, a popular beach resort town found on the Hicacos Peninsula. Many miles of coastline let you enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the white sandy beaches and warm blue waters really are stunning to behold. While the gorgeous beach is the reason why Varadero is among the best places to visit in Cuba, there is plenty more to do. Parque Josone is a gorgeous park filled with botanical gardens, lakes, wildlife and bridges, not to mention music, vendors and even camel rides for kids. Also worth exploring are the Bellamar Caves, an extensive cavern system that has been available to visitors for more than 150 years.

Trinidad de Cuba

For those with a love of history or architecture, Trinidad is a great place to visit in Cuba. The heart of Trinidad is Plaza Mayor, the main square surrounded by neo-Baroque buildings. Next door to the plaza is a colonial convent that now houses the Museum of the War Against the Bandits, or the Lucha Contra Bandidos. After exploring the museum, walk uphill away from the Plaza Mayor to shop for handicraft souvenirs. Popular items for sale include hand-sewn tablecloths and napkin linens. Another breathtaking structure in Trinidad is the Palacio Brunet Mansion, which now serves as the Museo Romantico. Visit to admire a fantastic collection of 19th-century artworks and antiques.

Cuba Is Excitingly Beautiful

Enchanting, Charming and Diverse

Cuba is filled with colorful excitement. It is an enchanting, charming and diverse place for a vacation. Cuba has superb cultural and historical traditions, artistically reflected in an incredible blend of spectacular old and new world architecture. It is home to a rich and varied ecosystem with magnificent, lush green mountains, as well as mineral and medicinal springs and health spas.

It’s an island of warm, clean crystal blue waters, breath-taking world-class beaches and superb hotels, villas and resorts – an exciting nightlife featuring great pubs and clubs, romance, and a warm, friendly and vibrant people. Cuba is a safe, worry-free environment for vacationers & business travelers and an ideal climate for sun – and some fun!

Frozen in Time

After your Cuban vacation, you may start to see the rest of Latin America as a culturally watered-down version of Cuba.

Cuba seems to be frozen in time, somewhere in the 1950’s. It’s not just the old American cars in the streets or the exquisite colonial architecture with peeling paint in Old Havana. It is also a sense that the world of modern tourism – and the ubiquitous presence of large, modern hotel chains found in most of the Caribbean – has somehow largely bypassed the Caribbean’s largest island.

How can Americans legally and easily travel to Cuba and comply with regulations?

An Active Discoverer’s Dream!

Cuba is an adventurer and ecologist’s dream. There are a number of remote and wild locations, particularly in the Eastern (Oriente) region of the country, that have been rarely explored by tourists. It is also the birthplace of many revolutionary heroes, as well as the starting point of the war of independence and Fidel Castro’s attack on the Moncada Garrison back in 1953.

Besides the conventional tourist attractions, sports enthusiasts can enjoy riding, bicycling, hiking, tennis and watersports, including excellent scuba diving. There are unique bird-watching excursions, too.

Excellent Dining, Fabulous Resorts

The variety and quality of dining facilities have improved dramatically in recent years, and you’ll discover a growing number of eating establishments are available. Excellent and varied dining is always available at the hotels and resorts owned and operated by some of the world’s best international companies, such as Delta Hotels and Sandals Resorts. These modern hotels and resorts also offer superb accommodations, services and facilities. Of course, Sandal’s Beaches Varadero Resort offers its usual high-calibre, all-inclusive vacation packages that are so popular across the Caribbean.

A good number of organized tours are available, including sightseeing trips around the country. There are excellent museums too.

What’s It Going To Cost?

We’ve established that Cuba is a super place for a vacation! But, what’s it going to cost you? Surprisingly, less than many resort locations. Depending on the season in which you travel, a holiday in Cuba can cost as little as $700 (USD) or $1000 (CAD) per person, based on double occupancy.

Using our travel services will ensure that your Cuban vacation or Honeymoon will be safe, enjoyable and memorable.

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