Cuba Travel - A Solo Trip to Cuba - Havana

Cuba Travel – Americans Going to Cuba for a Vacation

Cuba Travel – Going to Cuba for a Vacation?

In January 2016, Cuba and the U.S. signed to launch the first commercial air service between the two countries in a half-century. As a result, with the agreement in place, Cuba travel is far easier for anyone in the United states. American carriers can fly 20 times a day to Havana, and 10 times to the other places in Cuba.

If this fills you with hope that you can visit the Caribbean nation one day soon for a great, affordable vacation, there are a few things that you need to know first. Most importantly, the general license under which you need to travel only recognizes a few different travel purposes as legitimate.

What are the Purposes Recognized?

The general license allows 12 different travel purposes, including: visiting close relatives, travel for academic purposes that offer credits, scientific research, artistic collaboration, sporting or public performances, and journalism. A visitor also needs to show some proof of legitimate involvement in such activities. Therefore, what you can’t do is to simply pack your bags to go to Cuba for a vacation.

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Cuba Travel - Americans Traveling

You Can Always Find a Way to Vacation There

People-to-people travel is an initiative that U.S. citizens can use to travel to Cuba for cultural participation, for the purpose of, the establishment of friendships with Cuban citizens, a cultural education, and the spreading of awareness of American culture. People-to-people travel is freely allowed as an educational experience of direct engagement. Under these circumstances, it is possible to sign up to people-to-people groups heading off to Cuba, and to use these trips to go sightseeing. However, since these trips are usually jam-packed with schedules of cultural and business meetings, prices tend to be as high as $4,000 to $5,000 per person.

Cuba Travel Tip!

Total Advantage Travel & Tours highly recommends that you choose a Canadian city for your Cuba travel departure. They will fly you to Toronto , Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver easily, at reasonable rates, thereby eliminating some of the costs and inconveniences experienced by travelers to Cuba from Miami and other US departure points.

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Flying in Under the Radar

If you aren’t willing to pay high prices out of the US, affordable commercial flights and packages are available through countries such as Canada. Consequently, if you want to follow the letter of the law, it’s important to receive a release from the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Most people simply book through Canada without a release from the treasury department. So they book one flight to Canada, and then book a separate flight from Canada to Cuba. Hence, anyone traveling between Canada and Cuba will receive no stamp on their passport. Thousands of American tourists visit Cuba in this way, and it can be the most affordable way to go. ▄

Americans traveling to Cuba

Cuba has no restrictions on US tourists. On the contrary, Cubans welcome US visitors with open arms.

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Cuba Travel – Americans Going to Cuba for a Vacation.
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