Cuba Vacation? – Don’t Forget These 4 Things When You Go

Cuba Vacation? – Don’t Forget These 4 Things When You Go

Cuba Vacation? Don’t Forget These 4 Things When You Go

After decades of being largely closed to Americans, Cuba is once again welcoming US visitors. While this is an exciting development for travelers, this island nation can be unlike other Caribbean destinations. Steeped in a rich and varied history, Cuba presents its own unique and varied challenges for visitors. Planning your Cuba vacation? Be prepared to navigate specific health, wellness and comfort situations. The following four essentials should help you embrace your visit with ease and enjoyment.

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You’re likely to remember to bring your prescription medications to Cuba, but you may also want to be proactive with other remedies. Cuban pharmacies may not carry the over-the-counter meds you recognize from home. To save yourself some possible discomfort, pack your own preferences for headaches, upset stomach, colds and minor injuries. The small space they take up in your luggage is worth the peace of mind.

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Good Shoes

So much of Cuba’s charm and ambiance comes from its historical architecture and colonial flair. Unfortunately, this can translate into some very difficult walking conditions. Cobblestone streets can make walking painful in bad shoes. There is also a constant need to move from the sidewalk to the street and back again in an attempt to dodge cars and pedestrians. Stepping up and down on already dicey surfaces necessitates sturdy and comfortable footwear.

A Washcloth and Toiletries

Many countries in the world do not commonly use washcloths as part of their bathing routine. By all means you can go native, but if you’re a creature of comfort, and if you are not staying in a luxury resort, bring your own washcloth from home. As well, bring your own shower and grooming essentials. The selection in Cuba can be very small and the brands unfamiliar. 

Wireless Entertainment

Access to the Internet in Cuba can be very slow and at times difficult to access. If your phone provider does not offer wifi in Cuba, you will likely have to buy a wifi card from the state-run provider. Even with this card, you may not be staying somewhere that is within a local wifi hot spot area. In short, be prepared to be offline. To ensure you have entertainment, have whatever media you want to consume already downloaded to your device, or bring physical books or DVDs for your laptop. ▄

Cuba Vacation? - Don't Forget These 4 Things When You Go

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Cuba Vacation? Don’t Forget These 4 Things When You Go
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